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Why read this book?

Each page can transform a life! Simple aspects to digest and assimilate. Self-development thoughts in a practical and down-to-earth format. authored by Dr.J.N.Reddy after his long stint of counselling and training people of different age groups. This book is bound to inspire everyone and make them excel!

Publisher MAX Academy for Excellence
Language English, Tamil
Paperback 152 Pages
Dimensions 14 x 21.5 x 0.9 cm

Over 100,000 copies have been sold! acclaimed by the press and media. hailed as one of the greatest books on self-development ever brought out in India. No quality reader can afford to miss reading it. Simple and brief, yet practical tips-laced with thought-provoking exhortations-add a sheen to this publication that underscores the easy ways to ensure stress-free, happy and cheerful living; good health; positive thinking; memory power; and development of willpower.

Book Contents

Ever Enthralling Expression on Excellence!

Thinking about “Thinking”

Success Succeeds Failures!

Lead Kindly Light!

Why Worry?!

Small together, can do Big!

Sound Health

Footprints of God . . .

Do more!

How We Wake up Early in the Morning!

Leader and Boss

How to Handle Irate People!

Memorable Maxims

All You wanted to know about Sleep!

All about Smile!

Smile away Worries!

Why do We Forget?

Whom to Credit!

Be Cheerful!

Hours a Day!


Need not be So!

How to be a Good Communicator!

Empowering Thoughts!

It is Better!

Your Child is Speaking... Are You Listening?

Time Management

How to overcome Hollow Breathing!

Be a Coffee Bean!

Tension? ... Pay Attention to Relax!

How to Work Better!

How to Perform Well in a Group!

Life is No Brief Candle

The Benchmark!

You can Win... If You Think You can Win!

What do You Say after You Say “Hello”?

How to overcome negative thoughts!

The Joy of Orderly Living...

Interpersonal Relations


Laws of Success

Ten Commandments of Success!


Which is a Good or Bad habit?

Quotable Quotes

Don't Worry!

Do You Think You are Indispensable?

The Last Wish of a Conqueror!

Know Your Brain Power!

Double Standards!

A Glimpse of Bhagavad Gita

What is Dharma ?

How to Remember Better!

Who Never has Suffered

Are You a Normal Person?

Did You go Wrong?

Memory Trace

The Saga of YOGA

Six Steps to Success

Be a Zen Master

How to be a Winner!

Work is Worship!

How to Destroy Your Enemies!


Have You ever Thought of This?

Consistency of Purpose

Golden Words

Don't carry the world on your shoulders

The Genius of G.B. Shaw!

Think Positive!

Explode the Mental Blocks

It Pays to Listen!

What Fate Denies... Perseverance Pays!

'Love'ly Quotes!

Yoga for the Modern man!

Know Your WORTH!

Why Me?

It's Better to Avoid...

Most wanted Knowledge!

Children Learn What They Live!

A Child's First School!

Learn from the Learned!

To Stress on Stress!

Work to Infect the World!

Give Time

It is Unnecessary...

Managing Self

Can I ?... Yes, You Can!

Challenge and Invest

Money Power

Be Wealthy!

Secret of Enjoyment & Pleasure

Never say, “Impossible” ...

Who is the Mother?

Are You being Loved?

Are You a Leader?

Eternal Etchings!

Memory is Divine!

Health Tips

T.V. & Computer Games / Internet

Strange Indeed!

Know Your Spirituality!

Seven Traits of Patriots!

Fruits & Facts

How to Pray!

Are You Kind to Yourself?

Every Minute Counts!

Yearn, Yearn and Yearn!

Celebrate Your Life!

Thought - provoking Thoughts!

Dr.J.N.Reddy has been a highly acclaimed Brain-power Trainer for over 25 years, Researcher for over 30 years; has transformed over two lakh trainees and inspired several lakhs of people of all ages and professions; trained several people to set 15 Limca & World Records in memory; organised the world's biggest Events in memory; was earlier a professor in the reputed Loyola College, Chennai; and has brought out several innovative products and books.Dr.Reddy has received over a dozen honours and accolades including : Outstanding Personality Award, Super Intellectual Award, Seva Ratna Award and Master Genius Award. Dr.Reddy's Biographical Note has been included in Reference Asia - Who's Who : Men & Women of Excellence 2003 - 04. 

…To you, a life-time gift!

It is indeed exhilarating that this unique Digest has been overwhelmingly received. A number of scholars, writers, readers and students have outpoured their appreciation of this Digest. Inspired by this, the Digest has been enlarged, with more valuable articles time and again. But this latest seventh edition sees a big leap in its content and intent with over one hundred invaluable articles and tit bits.

I am sure each article in this Digest is worth lakhs. The uniqueness of this work is that you need not read it at a stretch, and more interestingly, you would love to read it again and again very many times in your life-time!

The greatest discovery of one’s life-time is one’s own self! Ever since the times of the first ever self-development treatise to mankind, namely Bhagavad Gita, man’s untiring efforts to evolve continues. Gita’s dictum, ‘Yogah karmasu kousalam!’ (Excellence at work is Yoga!) is the inspiration for this masterpiece.

The famous saying, “If I am not for myself, who else is for me? If I am only for myself, then what am I for?” may inspire you to spread the goodness of this unique work.

In bringing out this Digest, Sri Balu T.R.’s intellectual assistance in editing, and Sri S.Venkatraman’s participation in proof-reading, are greatly appreciated and acknowledged.

Though I am privileged to have written several books, this Digest has provided me with immense happiness in tracking and crystallising several of my deeply felt thoughts and flashes. In addition, in many places, I have also adopted with gratitude, famous quotes and thoughts of great personalities, which further added value to the Digest.

The fact that lakhs of readers swear by this Digest, shows how extraordinarily it is patronised. I am sure, this is truly a life-time gift to any quality reader! You will cherish reading it again and again, and everytime, stupendously stand to gain!

All the Best!
Dr. J.N. Reddy