Life Skills to Excel in Life!

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Why read this book?

This is not another book on self-development. It is an exclusive resource book on life skills. A unique and comprehensive book on extraordinary life skills to increase work effectiveness for effortless living. It is bound to make your life more wonderful. When the readers read, they will find out every page in this book is invaluable. They can grasp the concepts easily. This book makes a turnaround in all our lives.

Publisher Trinity
Language English
Paperback 288 Pages
Dimensions 14 x 21.5 x 1.5 cm

This is an authentic resource book on 101 invaluable down-to-earth lift skills! It is a result of intensive research by the author for over 20 years on several thousand people of all professions. Every skill presented is highly practical, scientific and effective. The vision behind writing this book is that very few succeed by nature. Everyone can excel through nurture! Once you read it, you will love to treasure it for life!

Book Contents

How to Excel in Life!

Who Excels in Life?

How they Excel?



What Life Skills this Book gives?

Set your Goal

Symptoms of lack of clarity of goal

How to set a Goal!

Why many people are not focused!

How to focus towards Goal!

Never aim to be the Best

Aim to be your best!

Common goal

Fate and Destiny

Programming the Mind

Conscious and Subconscious Minds

Programming the Mind




Negative Programming

The power of Negative Programming

Work Effectiveness

Breathing is Everything

States of Mind

Why people Lose Concentration?

Concentration Techniques

Alpha Breathing



Breath observation

Zigzag curves Technique

Dual-activity Technique

Cyclic Methods

Instant Energy Techniques

Water Technique

Body yawning

Ear stretching Technique

Blinking Technique

Balloon Technique

Acupressure Technique

Train Technique

Energy Breathing Technique

Cosmic Energy Technique


Early to Rise and Early to Sleep

How to Wake up Early in the Morning!

The Clock Technique

Activation of Body

Activation of Brain

How to fall Asleep Fast!

Sleep-fast Technique

Yogic Methods

Soonya Dhyâna

Yoga Nidra

Brain Activation

Left and Right Brains

How to Activate the Brain!

Brain function and Breath Control

How to Shift Breathing Pattern!

How to Release Stuffy Nose Block!

Memory Techniques

Why do we Forget?

Rote Memory

Memory Mnemonics

How to Remember Technical Terms!

How to Remember Names and Faces!

How to Remember Names and Places!


Memory Scanning

Memory Imaging

Memory Diagrams

Long-term Memory Technique

Effective Communication Skills

Tools for Effective Communication - Language, Message and Courage

Public Speaking

Stage fear Removal

Moulting Techniques

Panting Technique

Anxiety Removal

How to Overcome Feeble Voice!

How to Prepare for a Speech!

How to Practice Public Speaking!

How to Become a Good Speaker!

Non-verbal Communication

Sound Health

ABC of Sound Health


Yoga Swasa

Yoga and Exercises

Sound Sleep


Satvik Foods

Negative Foods

Nature Foods

Fruits and Juices

General Tips

Oil Pulling

How to Overcome Acidity

How to Prevent Frequent Cold and Cough

Clean Habits

How to Check your Fitness?

Stress Management

Positive and Negative Stress

Body Stress Release

Mental Stress Release

Vishwa Dhyana

Smile and Laugh

Time Management


Quit-gate Model

How to Manage Engagements!

Goal Planning

Delegation Breakthroughs

How to Get 48 hours a Day!

How to Get Leisure Time!

Traits of an Effective Time Manager

Financial Management

How to Become Financially Sound!

Credit Card Management

Personal Finance Planning

Service Activities

Love and Harmony



Ego - How to Overcome!

Shift in Communication

Smile and Laugh





Physical Control Technique

Psychological Control Technique

Create Positive Anchors

ZEN Techniques

Walking on Muddy Roads

Toiletries Technique

Rope Walking

Sorting Method

Writing on Alternate Lines

Down-to-Earth Techniques for Day-to-Day Problems



Superiority Complex


Short Temper

Inferiority Complex

Overcoming Laziness



Finding Faults




Biting Nails



Slant Writing

Feeble Voice

Loud Voice

How to Overcome Slang!

Dominating Character


Being Very Sensitive

How to Overcome Depression!

How to Forget Unwanted Incidents!

How to look Enchanting and Brighter!



Ready Reckoner

Dr. J.N. Reddy is the Founder-Director of MAX Academy for Excellence, an organisation engaged in self-development and brainpower training. He has been a highly acclaimed brainpower and life skills trainer for over 20 years. A researcher for over 25 years, he has been instrumental in transforming over one million trainees and inspiring several hundred thousand people of all ages and professions. Dr. Reddy organised the world’s biggest events in memory, and people trained by him have set many Limca and World Records. Dr. Reddy has received over a dozen honours and accolades, including Seva Ratna, Super Intellectual, and Master Genius. He was earlier a professor at the reputed Loyola College, Chennai, and has brought out several innovative products and books.

... to you, my dear readers!

This is not another book on self-development. It is an exclusive resource book on life skills, devised from about 20 years of research on several thousand people of all professions. 

Undoubtedly, to become an achiever, one needs to possess the ‘WILL’! Thousands of books are written to motivate people to aspire with "WILL". But unfortunately, "will" alone will not be able to make anyone an achiever without the know-how to pursue it. And that is the skill! Very few are blessed with these skills as inborn abilities. However, in my experience as a trainer and counsellor for several thousand people of all professions, I have been able to help them acquire extraordinary skills and excel in their endeavours. Even an ordinary person could become extraordinary through these unique life skills.

Fortunately, all these skills are very practical, simple, and down-to-earth. At the same time, every skill is scientific and very effective. Whether you are outstanding or mediocre, when you use these skills, you will be able to execute your work more effectively, more so, effortlessly.

When you read it, you will find every page of this book invaluable. Overall, the book consists of 101 wonderful life skills. I have made sure to present every aspect and skill in simple English so that all readers can grasp the concepts easily. While reading the book, you will surely feel as though I am directly talking to you. Further, for better registration of the message, I often present numbers in figures rather than in words.

In life, the more we wish to achieve to be an achiever, the greater the problems we face. But, ‘the best way to escape from a problem is to solve it.’

And, a progress-minded person converts the problem into a challenge and plunges in to prove his mettle. That is why this book should be in your possession for your lifetime to seek timely guidance.

I am sure this book will cause a turnaround in your life, giving you a cutting edge to resurge into a wonderful being and stand as a testimony to others. Go ahead... and reach great heights!

-Dr J.N. Reddy