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Why read this book?

Every profession is dependent on the ability of the performer, but teaching is an exception. The outcome is in the hands of the students, no matter how well the teacher teaches! That is why it is critical for a teacher to engage students and make classes lively! Is this something that can be done? With so many distractions, gadgets, and pandemic further reducing students' concentration, it may appear to be a daunting task. Not if you have the necessary skill sets to make the classes interesting! This book is useful in demonstrating that it is possible to make classes as lively as possible regardless of whether they are delivered online, offline, or in a hybrid mode.

Publisher MAX Academy for Excellence
Language English, Telugu
Paperback 296 Pages
Dimensions 14 x 21.5 x 1.8 cm

This is not another book on Teaching Methodology, but first of its kind with 120 Activation Dynamics. This book is a result of training lakhs of people including students, teachers and principals of several schools and colleges. With the help of these dynamics, the classes could be handled very lively and effectively without an iota of drowsiness on the face of any learner or even the teacher!

This is a must-read book for those who crave to become Model Teachers and play a pivotal role to elevate the standard of Indian Education from the disheartening 112th rank by the UNESCO!!

Book Contents


Teaching - The Noblest Profession!

Today’s teacher vs Yester years
Privilege of Teachers
Basic Traits of Quality Teaching
Command over subject
Preparation for class
Lively presentation

Effective Communication for Lively Teaching!

Communication Tools
Language improvement
Public Speaking
Stage-fear removal
Overcoming feeble Voice
Non-verbal Communication

How to Prepare for the Class!

Syllabus Coverage
Teaching Material Preparation
Activation Dynamics & Anecdotes
Teach Play

How to avoid boredom in the Class!

CCTV Camera
Branding the students
Intonation & dramatisation

How to Make the Class More Lively!

Activation Dynamics
Class control

Teaching Tools & Methods

Chalk & talk
Smart Boards
Models & Exhibits
Innovative Teaching Methods

Empathy towards Students!

Physical Appearance
Family Background

How to Maintain Discipline in the Class!

Uninterested students
Trouble makers
Very affluent students
Post lunch sessions
Aggressive counseling

Patriotism for Students

5 traits of Patriotism
Role of Teachers

Self-Assessment & Student Feedback

Best to Better
Voice Recording
Student Feedback

Sound Health

Yoga, Meditation & Exercises
Food habits
20% of Health
Health Indicators


Activation Dynamics

Activation Activities
Powerful Anecdotes



12 Traits of Model Teacher
Explanation of the Traits

One Last Word!

Dr.J.N.Reddy has been highly acclaimed brain power trainer for 25 years, researcher for about 30 years and teacher for over 40 years including professorship in the reputed Loyola College, Chennai. He has the rare distinction of being the teacher of I Std. to Ph.D. level students. In addition, he has trained thousands of teachers and principals. He is creator of 15 Limca & World Records in Learning Skills. Dr.J.N.Reddy is author of several extraordinary books, designer of innovative tools and recipient of over a dozen honours including Seva Ratna, Master Genius & Super Intellectual Award.

...To You my dear Teachers!

It’s an honour to be a teacher! Above that, to be a great teacher is an enviable achievement! But how many students can proudly declare that their teachers are so? First of all, is it possible for every teacher to be really great?

My firm answer is ‘YES!’ As a teacher myself for four decades with a rare privilege of teaching I Std. to Ph.D., grooming thousands of teachers and principals and also being self-empowerment trainer, I can vouch for it! Even a mediocre teacher, if only he is passionate, can certainly improve his performance remarkably and leave an indelible mark in the hearts of students! But for that, he has to put in unstinted efforts to achieve it! This book will be a boon to them for guidance. Even those who are rated excellent teachers have found themselves to be much more effective after undergoing MAX training with the inputs furnished in this book.

I wouldn’t claim that this is the only book on enhancing teaching skills. There must have been many, covering various facets of lively teaching. But I can say with confidence, this is perhaps the first ever book on Activation Dynamics. Part-II of this book is completely dedicated to present 120 Activation Dynamics while Part-I deals with basic ingredients of a quality teacher. In fact, the main reason for writing this book is Part-II !

An international survey by the reputed UNESCO gave a pathetic 112th rank to Indian Education! Many Scholars and Researchers squarely blame the teachers for the prevailing situation! Hence, every quality-conscious teacher should plunge into elevating the standard of Indian Education. I am very confident, as demonstrated by thousands of beneficiaries, irrespective of whether you are a mediocre or a good teacher, by meticulously following this book, you can make yourself a Model Teacher and bring glory to India!

All the Best