MAX Beautiful Handwriting

Crash Course Training (CCT)

IV grade and above

15 hrs. (10 sessions, each 1 hr. 15 min.)

Why join the MAX Handwriting Workshop?

No matter what type of handwriting you're looking to improve, be it script or cursive, MAX has got you covered. With their innovative methods and tools, MAX ensures that you learn the correct techniques for writing with precision and finesse.

Course Overview

Are you tired of relying on those old-fashioned 4-line copywriting sheets in an attempt to enhance your handwriting skills? Well, it's high time to embrace a better solution. Introducing MAX's latest innovation: computer-simulated handwriting practice sheets! Through extensive research and development, we have ingeniously crafted a digital tool that revolutionizes the way you practice your strokes.

Alphabetic Letter Correction and Formation

Size of alphabetic letters

Strokes of alphabetic letters

Speed Writing

Proper Joining

Straight-line Handwriting

Maturity of Handwriting

Slant Correction

Aesthetics of Handwriting

Formation of Numbers

Exam Presentation tips

7 Wonder Techniques for Beautiful Handwriting

Focus Skills

Handwriting Discipline


Handwriting Analysis

What is so special?

Pre assessment report

An exclusive solution for handwriting improvement

Extensive individual monitoring

Rs. 2500

Rs.1600 + GST
(inclusive of training materials)