MAX: Exam High Scoring

Crash Course Training (CCT) Direct Workshop

IX grade and above students

15 hrs. (12 sessions, each 1 hr. 15 min.)

Why join the MAX Exam High Score Workshop?

This program is designed to give you an edge over other students by equipping you with Scientific Learning Skills. You will learn how to effectively study, including when and where to study. We will also cover important aspects such as sitting posture, lighting arrangements, and the direction of sitting for optimal learning. Additionally, the program will teach you techniques for waking up early and activating your brain for peak concentration. Furthermore, we will provide guidance on study planning, speed reading, and writing, as well as exam preparation and presentation techniques. Finally, we will reveal high-score secrets that have proven successful in achieving academic success.

Course Overview

By attending this workshop, you will gain an advantage over your peers in class by honing essential skills that foster academic success. Don't miss out on this opportunity to excel in your educational journey!

Motivation to study

Brain activation

Peak Concentration Techniques

Speed writing and reading

Learning skills and Handwriting Tips

Memory Techniques

Study Atmosphere (Physical and Psychological)

Scientific Study methods

Exam preparation and Presentation

Overcoming Exam Tension

Exam high-scoring techniques


Focus Skills

Memory Techniques

Peak Concentration

Exam high-scoring techniques

What is so special?

Scientific Study Secrets

Study Methods

Preparing FF notes for exam preparation

Rs. 2600

Rs.1600 + 100 GST
(inclusive of training materials)