MAX Yearlong Training (YLT)

MAX Yearlong Training in Schools

Eligibility: I grade to XII grade students

25–28 hrs. (weekly, 1 period)

Why join MAX Yearlong Training?

As we all know, barring a few entrance exams, all other exams are written. So neat handwriting is mandatory for any student to score high marks. The UN has predicted a huge learning loss due to the pandemic's closure. Hence, continuous methodical training of students becomes a MUST. Not only that, earlier handwriting was focused only on scoring marks, but now it has been proven that handwriting has a great impact on many things like memory power, Concentration span, Learning disabilities, character, and the like. That is the reason MAX is initiating this year-long training!

Course Overview

Are you tired of relying on those old-fashioned 4-line copywriting sheets in an attempt to enhance your handwriting skills? Well, it's high time to embrace a better solution. Introducing MAX's latest innovation: computer-simulated handwriting practice sheets! Through extensive research and development, we have ingeniously crafted a digital tool that revolutionizes the way you practice your strokes.

Legibility Improvement

Maturity Development

Beauty Enhancement

Speed writing

Sustenance Mechanism

Exam Writing Skills

Mind Programming

Disciplined Writing

Focus Skills

Beyond Smart Writing

Psychoanalytic method

Scientific Stroking Pattern

Script, cursive, or joining handwriting

What is so special?

Pre-training Assesment

Sustenance material

Daily practice schedule

Monthly report

Interim report

Final assessment on conclusion

Rs. 1570

Rs.930 + 70 GST
(inclusive of training materials)