From ZERO To SUPER HERO! (Vol.1&2)

Suitable for Students

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Why read this book?

When was the last time you read a book while keeping the students in mind? This book (in two volumes) is a must-read for every student, for its content and intent. Techniques that were researched and tested on several thousands of students are presented in a simple and practical way. This book is sure to keep up the tempo, which will enthuse every reader; and what happens when a student without a clear-cut goal takes up life in his own hands is the real crux of this book.

Publisher MAX Academy
Language English
Paperback Vol.1 (208 pages)
Paperback Vol.2 (240 pages)
Dimensions 18 x 24 x 2 cm

This is a Novel Book to empower and equip every student with perfect Methodology to become Outstanding! After reading this book, even an average or below average student becomes extraordinary! If a bright student reads, he will become brilliant!

Every student irrespective of his age and knowledge, must read this book! This is result of training and guiding lakhs of students of all levels for over 25 years. Those who miss to read this life-time book, are big losers!

Dr.J.N.Reddy has been a highly acclaimed life skills trainer for more than 25 years, researcher for over 30 years, the creator of 15 Limca & World Records, the author of several extraordinary books, the designer of innovative tools and the recipient of over a dozen honours, including Seva Ratna, Master Genius and Super Intellectual Award.

… To you, My Dear Students!

Truly speaking, this is not another novel. Because, any novel is written based on fiction created by the author. But this is written after counselling thousands of students who were initially confused and totally lost in studies. After my counselling and guidance, all of them have bounced back to excel in their studies. Putting the biographies of many such students together, I have evolved the story of a student who is a school dropout, irresponsible roamer totally hopeless and hapless, ultimately becomes outstanding student and reaches great heights! Hence, it is not a created story of a reel hero, but an evolved story of a real hero! My colleague and Deputy Director S R Venkat has assisted me in the whole planning and writing the book. During the last 20+ years, we had wonderful opportunity to guide and change the destiny of several out of focus students to excel in their studies.

The beauty and speciality of this unique book is, at every stage, I have given the methodology and explained a number of techniques that I have evolved over the years! Part-I of the book deals with how a student emerged from 'Zero to Hero!' In this part, every scientific learning skill needed to a student to excel in studies, is given. In Part-II, emphasis is made on how one can develop holistically to excel further from 'Hero to Super Hero!'

In building the image of the hero of this novel, we have mentioned a few National and International Awards and recognitions. They are only aimed at elevating the personality.

Though I had the opportunity to write many books, I deem it a life-time privilege to author this book! After reading the book, I am sure, you will feel the same.

You will find that this is not another book on just motivation. It will play the role of your guide, mentor and Guru to reach to the top. I have no doubt, after reading this book, you will cherish it as a life-time gift! 

Dr. J.N. Reddy