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for IX & above Students

15 hrs. + 3 Live Sessions (8 weeks)

Super Memory Bundle Course

Why join the Super Memory Workshop?

A life without memory will become inconsequential, isn't it ? While so much importance is being given to remembering and recollecting things, hardly any light is thrown on how to memorise, how to recollect, and most importantly, how to retain them! The MAX Super Memory Workshop, conceived by Dr.J.N.Reddy, is an intensive workshop covering over 30 facets of memory with innovative and record-breaking techniques. MAX trainees have set 14 Limca and World records through this training. Every aspect of memory is detailed and threadbare, and high performance in day-to-day activities is a surety through this workshop.

Course Overview

Lacs of students benefited. Learn extraordinary memory techniques to effortlessly remember subjects and recollect in exams. Save a lot of time studying. The Innovative Memory Software Writing Process helps you to memorise any matter/data/acts/events etc., amazingly. A big boon to every student!

Overcoming Absentmindedness

5 R's of Memory

Creative Memory

Brain Activation

Psychological Tuning

Random Memory Objects Technique

Random Memory Digits

Memory Phonetics

Mind programming

Story-related Memory Technique

Mnemonics Memory

Memory Software Writing

Memory Applications (Periodic table, Historical dates and the like)

Remembering Subject Matter

Perpetual Calendar

Focus Skills

Brain Activation

Memory Quotient Analysis

Exam Presentation Skills

Memory Upskilling

Functional Memory

What is so special?

Pre assessment report

Exclusive solutions for betterment

Extensive monitoring and guidance

Rs. 4999

Rs. 2640 
(inclusive of training materials)

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