Perfect Parenting

for Parents (strictly kids not to be present)

10 hours of intensive training + a special live session (5 weeks)

Why join the Perfect Parenting Workshop?

Even for a skill like cooking or driving, people undergo training sessions. Then, what about parenting? It is a dynamic skill and needs constant training and guidance. But how many parents can claim that they are professionally trained to be perfect parents ? MAX did research on thousands of students and parents and brought out a unique workshop on parenting! It deals with psychological aspects of child upbringing as well as analytical approaches to handle children in a better way! This workshop is a must for every parent! The focus is not just on the IQ part alone. It focuses more on life skills too. Parents swear by this training, and it has shaped the destiny of thousands of students and parents for good!

Course Overview

The perfect parenting programme guides the parents to be on the same page with the children delightfully. Also, the ability to guide the children in study methods would be a blessing to children. Above all, daily auto-monitoring of the children with an innovative tool is provided to make parenting truly perfect.

Home Ambience

Personality traits to identify

Character insights

Handling Sibling Rivalry

Empathy vs. Antipathy

Scientific Learning Skills

Stopping Emotional Blackmail

Interpersonal relationships

Sub-conscious tuning

and many more...

Focus Skills

Effective parenting skills

Harmonising with children

Bridging the gap

Children's counselling

What is so special?

Parenting Scale assessments, Handling challenging situations; mastering empathy; To become well-informed parent in handling children and to inculcate good habits in them.


Saturdays and Sundays (5 weeks)

Workshop facilitator : Dr.J.N.Reddy

Recorded training with follow-up activities + 1 special live session after the programme

Rs. 9504

Rs. 3450 

(We recommend both parents attend together, except in the case of an inevitable situation.)

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