Sure Success 
for JEE / NEET Students

27 Sessions + 3 Live Guidance Sessions (8 weeks)

Schedule : Alternate Days

Why join the Sure Success Workshop?

If you are aiming at JEE or NEET already, you must have been a quality student. However, as it is an all-India level competition, you should have an edge over others. How? By just attending this course! You will gain a better understanding of the subjects and, more importantly, you will remember the information without difficulty. For this, you have to learn scientific learning skills (SLS) and super memory techniques. In this course, we equip you with these techniques most effectively. You will also get very valuable tips to score high marks through our expert JEE/NEET coaches. Every single mark is important, as one may miss selection even by 0.1 mark. You can score high marks by attending this hybrid course. Enroll today and ensure sure success in JEE/NEET! "

Course Overview

To excel in all studies and competitive exams. Ensure sure success through extraordinary memory techniques, scientific study skills, exam preparation & high-score techniques. A MUST FOR ALL STUDENTS!

Brain Activation

Peak Concentration

Creative Memory

Natural Memory

Learning Skills


Speed writing

Overcoming Absentmindedness

Study Ambience

Random Memory Objects and Digits

Handwriting Tips

Exam Presentation Skills:

Memory Software Writing

Perpetual Calendar, among other things...

Focus Skills

Learning skills

Extraordinary memory techniques

Exam presentation skills

Speed reading

Speed reading in exams

Success trap

What is so special?

Pre assessment report:

Exclusive solutions for betterment

Extensive monitoring and guidance

Rs. 9504

Rs. 5940 
per Student (inclusive of training materials)

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