Beauty WRITE (Juniors) 
for students in the IV to VIII grades

5 hrs of direct training + individual guidance session

Beauty WRITE Bundle Course

Why join the Beauty WRITE (Juniors) Workshop?

The boring, outdated 4-line copywriting lines are thrown out and the scientifically designed M4S is in. Dr. JN. Reddy tested these lines on thousands of students and standardised the lines. Not just 4 lines, MAX also developed M2S and very computer-simulated practise sheets for bettering handwriting. Whether it is script or cursive writing, MAX shows the right method to write.

Course Overview

Still depending on the outdated 4-line copywriting sheets to improve handwriting? It is time to move on... MAX has researched and brought out innovative computer simulated handwriting practise sheets! Stroking will become scientific, handwriting will become mature, and beauty in writing will be yours!

7 wonders of Handwriting

Science of writing

Letter formation

Letter correction

Strokes formation

Margin Awareness

Slant correction

Gripping method

Joining writing

Straight-line handwriting

Wrist practise

Focus Skills

Handwriting discipline


Handwriting Analysis

LMB Model

What is so special?

Pre assessment report

Exclusive solutions for betterment

Extensive monitoring and guidance

Rs. 6800

(inclusive of pdf training materials)

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