Smart WRITE (Seniors) 
for students in the ninth and higher grades

15 hours of direct sessions plus an individual guidance session

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Why join the Smart WRITE (Seniors) Workshop?

Handwriting is not just about writing neatly. One needs to improve their maturity in writing, writing speed, and ability to present answers in exams to attract high scores. MAX SmartWrite trains you in all these. In addition, we also train on graphology. Through grapho-therapy, a student can be made to be more orderly, systematic, consistent, careful, confident, and aesthetic by changing their handwriting. None of these can be gotten through the outdated practise of copywriting. The MAX, India's only trainers holding a Limca & World Record for fastest handwriting training (9.4 min.), trained lakhs of students. For any student, this workshop is a real boon.

Course Overview

Everyone writes exams, but only a very few know how to write smart and get more marks! Every student should be familiar with the following skills: speed writing, aesthetic writing, double gripping, and exam presentation! And graphical inputs increase the importance of handwriting!

7 wonders of Handwriting

Science of writing

Strokes formation

Legibility in writing:

Maturity in Handwriting

Scientific aspects of pens

Hidden imprints

Straight-line handwriting

Wrist practise

Answer sheet preparation

Subconscious writing

Focus Skills

Speed writing (WPM model)

Exam presentation

Psychological tuning

Aesthetics of Handwriting

Handwriting quotient

What is so special?

Pre-training assessment

Interim assessment

Individualised corrections

Sustenance methodology

Rs. 6800

(inclusive of pdf training materials)

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